Adequate Housing

Housing has now been declared as a human right in Canada.  Adequate Housing that is safe, suitable, and affordable is necessary for people in Oxford to have housing security and experience well-being.  Social Planning Council Oxford is working with community partners to find solutions to respond to our current housing crisis.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming active in creating an adequate housing solution in Oxford County.


Homelessness In Oxford County

Registry Week 2020-Survey Results Are In

On Thursday, December 3 we hosted a community debrief event where the preliminary results of Registry Week (homelessness survey) were shared.

  • 93 different people experiencing homelessness were interviewed during Registry Week.
  • Including dependent children, 103 people experiencing homelessness were included in the week’s enumeration/survey.

The recording of the event is posted here.


Registry Week 2020

Registry Week 2020 (November 23-26)

Our community is conducting Registry Week 2020 from November 23-26. During the week, people experiencing homelessness will be asked to participate in a survey that asks them questions about their needs related to housing. The ultimate goal of this project is for it to be the first step toward ending homelessness in Oxford County.

People participating in the survey will receive a gift card for participation.  The following locations will be doing surveying: Registry Week Locations.

Or phone 1-877-280-1391 to participate.

FLYER-Notice of Registry Week Survey

Have a Voice-Ending Homelessness

The federal government has signed a commitment that everyone has a right to housing.  If you are interested in sparking change related to homelessness (that no one deserves to experience homelessness) consider visiting to learn what you can do.

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The goal of the Social Planning Council Oxford is to bring people together to actively participate in social development to improve the quality of life of Oxford County residents.


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