Become a Board Member


Become a Board Member

The Board consists of 7 to 13 voting members who live or work in Oxford County. Members do not have to be part of the community services sector, but must show a genuine interest and skill set appropriate to represent the community and social issues perspective. You can view our current Board here.

Components of Board Membership:

  • The standard term of office is two years with members able to serve consecutive terms.
  • Typically 10 board meetings are held each year.
  • Involved in periodic strategic planning sessions.

New applications to the Board of Directors are continually being accepted.  Check out the board volunteer posting here.


Social Planning Council Oxford

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phone: (226) 228-0539

About Us

The goal of the Social Planning Council Oxford is to bring people together to actively participate in social development to improve the quality of life of Oxford County residents.


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