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Here you will find a collection of resources and reports published by agencies in Oxford County. If you have a report you would like to share, please send it to
Community Wellbeing Survey FAQ
Starting March 30, 2016, over 11,000 Oxford County households will receive an invitation in the mail to participate in the Community Oxford Wellbeing Survey as part of the Future Oxford planning.

This survey is designed to gather baseline data about your quality of life as a resident of Oxford County. The survey is conducted by the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (administered by the University of Waterloo).

Survey recipients have been randomly selected by community, to ensure we have a full picture of the health and wellbeing of each corner of Oxford County. Go to for more information.

Your voice matters! Results of the survey will be shared starting this summer.

Have a question? Check out the FAQ!



Oral Health in Oxford County
The Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre published Word of Mouth: Oral Health in Oxford County, 2014. To view the report please click the link below.

Word of Mouth: Oral Health in Oxford County, 2014

Garden Fresh Box
A new way of buying fresh fruits and vegetables (produce).


  • Bulk buying power, which means we buy in bulk as a group and share the produce and savings
  • Supporting local farmers by buying direct as much as possible
  • The more we buy as a group… the farther our money goes!

To view more information on the Garden Fresh Box please click the link below.

Garden Fresh Box


Food Access Card
Food Secure Oxford is working to ensure that all Oxford County residents will have access to, and can afford to buy safe, nutritious food that has been produced in an environmentally responsible way that sustains our rural communities. You can learn more about their organization at their website.

Need help finding food assistance/food bank programs in Oxford County? The Food Access Card provides information on programs in Tillsonburg, Ingersoll, Woodstock, Norwich and Tavistock. To view the Food Access Card please click the link below.

Food Access Card


211 Oxford
211 is your first call for free information about community, social, health and government related services.  When you dial 2-1-1, you will be speaking to a real person, trained in providing accurate information and referrals that best meet your needs.  These trained information specialists are available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Call 2-1-1, Toll-free: 1-866-686-0045, TTY: 1-866-488-9311 or visit the website.


Welcome to Oxford
Are you new to the area? Are you thinking about planning a move to Oxford County?

Welcome to Oxford, includes information on LivingWorking , and Learning and will describe everything you’ll need to know to move here and get settled.

Oxford Master Aging Plan
The Oxford Master Aging Plan was funded by a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. It serves as a road map for the future development of services for seniors and will inform planning of public, private, and not-for-profit organizations and service providers in Oxford County.

Oxford Master Aging Plan


Cost of Healthy Eating Report
The 2011 Annual Report on the Nutritious Food Basket Survey by Public Health & Emergency Services. To view the Cost of Healthy Eating Report please click the link below.

Cost of Healthy Eating Report


Healthy Communities Oxford
The Healthy Communities Oxford Community Picture Report 2011 is an overview of the health and socio-demographic attributes of Oxford County residents. To view the Healthy Communities Oxford Report please click the link below.

Healthy Communities Oxford Community Picture Report 2011


Emergency Accommodation for Homeless Persons in the Town of Tillsonburg
“The Tillsonburg Emergency Accommodation Management (TEAM) was created by a network of individuals and community organizations in response to developing a collective understanding of the emergency housing needs within the Town of Tillsonburg.

In February 2010, Tim Welch Consulting Inc. was retained to complete a Needs Assessment for Emergency Housing.

Through a thorough process of research and interviews this study examined the issues that contribute to individuals and families finding themselves at risk of losing their housing, those who find themselves without shelter, and the difficulties they, and their community face in re-establishing them in safe affordable accommodation.”

To view the Emergency Accommodation for Homeless Persons in the Town of Tillsonburg, please click the link below.

Emergency Accommodation for Homeless Persons in the Town of Tillsonburg


Oxford Youth Matter
In the 2009 Oxford Youth Matter report, 1744 local high school youth were surveyed on things that matter in their lives. To view the Oxford Youth Matter report please click the link below.

Oxford Youth Matter


2008 Social Report
The 2008 Social Report explores the quality of life for the residents of Oxford County. To view the 2008 Social Report please click the link below.

2008 Social Report


Oxford County Drug Task Force Situational Assessment
“This Situational Assessment informs the development of a community
response for Oxford County. It provides a comprehensive review of the current substance misuse situation in Oxford County and accepted “best practices” for addressing these issues at the community level.

Research for the situational assessment took place between February 2007 and October 2008. The result of this research is a report that “paints a picture” of the experiences that individuals face, the community environment, services that are available and best practices for how to organize substance misuse services. The results of this assessment provides the foundation to inform how the Oxford County Drug Task Force should work to address substance misuse prevention, treatment, harm reduction and enforcement in the community.”

To view the Situational Assessment click the link below.

Situational Assessment – Drug Task Force


Social Planning Council Oxford

447 Hunter Street
Woodstock, ON Canada
N4S 4G7

phone: (226) 228-0539

About Us

The goal of the Social Planning Council Oxford is to bring people together to actively participate in social development to improve the quality of life of Oxford County residents.


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