Zero Poverty

Poverty negatively impacts health and the ability to create a healthy, vibrant community.  The fact that some people in Oxford County cannot afford basic needs, is a real concern.  In Oxford County, based on the 2016 before tax Low Income Cut Off Measure, 6.9% of the population (7,490 people) live in low income. 

In 2017, Oxford County declared:

Poverty reduction in Oxford County is achievable and will strengthen well-being for all.  It’s the right thing to do. Through leadership, innovation, and the transformation of relationships, in working to eliminate poverty. Oxford County will deliver improved health and well-being for all residents and enhance community prosperity.” 

As a result a draft Zero Poverty Plan was presented to council in June 2018 as a roadmap to eliminate poverty in Oxford County through a number of tangible actions.  Social Planning Council Oxford is part of the Zero Poverty Oxford Strategy.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming active in eliminating poverty in Oxford County.


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About Us

The goal of the Social Planning Council Oxford is to bring people together to actively participate in social development to improve the quality of life of Oxford County residents.


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