Oxford Tenant Support Network

Oxford Tenant Support Network (OTSN) is a volunteer-driven group of renters committed to helping others through their tenancy issues. As people with experience navigating the rental market, we provide peer-to-peer discussion and support on tenant rights and resources. We aim to raise awareness in our community about the tenant experience, and work towards better protections for renters.

OTSN’s vision is “Oxford County tenants are confident in exercising their rights while seeking and maintaining housing supported by a caring and informed community.”

The program has a phone line, and will be offering in-person support coming soon.

Contact Us

If you do not get through to one of the OTSN peer support volunteers, leave a message on our voicemail providing your name, contact information, and a brief description of why you’re seeking support and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Where Are We?

Currently, OTSN is not out in physical locations in the community, but we will be soon! Check back here and follow Social Planning Council Oxford’s social media pages to see where we’ll be when we start offering in-person support.

Additional Resources

Click the links below to explore some other online resources regarding tenant rights that may be helpful:

Social Planning Council Oxford

447 Hunter Street
Woodstock, ON Canada
N4S 4G7

phone: (226) 228-0539
email: info@spcoxford.ca

About Us

The goal of the Social Planning Council Oxford is to bring people together to actively participate in social development to improve the quality of life of Oxford County residents.


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Government of Canada

Tamarack Institute