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Municipal Candidate Survey

Whether you like it or not … it’s election time! The Municipal election will take place on Monday, October 27, 2014. The term of office starts on December 1, 2014, and runs through to November 30, 2018.

Oxford County has eight municipalities. Each city, town, or township elects its own council and mayor who is head of the local council. The County of Oxford forms a second tier of local government, composed of ten members including the mayors of the area municipalities, and two elected City of Woodstock councillors. The head of County Council is the Warden who is also elected every four years by a vote of Council.

Municipal governments do more than fix roads and pick up garbage!  Municipal government has a key role to play in poverty reduction due to the social infrastructure provided by municipalities.  This social infrastructure includes municipal facilities, programs and services such as affordable housing, subsidized childcare, recreation, transit etc.  Before the municipal election on October 27th, we’re encouraging all voters to consider how we can work together to create a more prosperous community for everyone!

On September 17, 2014, the Social Planning Council Oxford and the Oxford Poverty Action Coalition contacted all municipal candidates via email, excluding those running in the Township of Norwich (because of an inability to locate contact information), and provided an introduction to, and a link to the following survey. The survey questions provide an opportunity for voters to start a discussion with candidates about poverty reduction. Our hope is that this survey serves as a starting point to an ongoing conversation about poverty in Oxford County.


In Oxford County, based on the 2010 after tax Low Income Measure, 12.3% of families live in low income.


Participation in the survey was voluntary. Responses provided by the candidates that completed the survey are posted by municipality, and have not been changed in any way. The Social Planning Council Oxford and the Oxford Poverty Action Coalition would like to thank those candidates who have completed the survey.

Please read the results, share them, and don’t forget to vote!


East Zorra-Tavistock


South-West Oxford








SPCO Launches Provincial Election Fact Sheets

Whether you like it or not … it’s election time! The Ontario provincial election will take place on Thursday, June 12. Social Planning Council Oxford has produced its provincial election fact sheet series – a collection of 16 fact sheets on important provincial issues. The fact sheets are short and sweet, providing information and analysis on key topics, questions for candidates, and additional resources. Please read them, share them, and don’t forget to vote!

Affordable housing


Child Care

Comprehensive housing strategy


Housing, Health, and the Economy



Migrant workers

Minimum wage


Public school funding

Public space

Public transit

Social assistance

Tenant issues

All 16 fact sheets

Thanks to Social Planning Toronto for allowing us to adapt this series to Oxford County.

Join us on June 5th at the Woodstock Art Gallery for an All Candidates Meeting  focusing on social issues.

How, when, where, and why to vote: Check Elections Ontario for all the details.



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